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Through leadership accelerator programs, executive coaching and intensive workshops, we help highly capable people and teams grow.

Executive Coaching

Our consultants equip leaders with tools and guidance as they traverse this ever-changing organizational landscape.

Leadership Accelerator

In a 6-12 month intensive leadership program, we develop high performing leaders through a combination of skill building, individual coaching and peer coaching.


Full day, half day or lunch time workshops to build emotional intelligence, mindfulness, resiliency and creativity to spark innovation.

How to Use Mindfulness to Increase Your Team's Creativity

What often happens in hectic workplaces is that employees resort to autopilot or habitual ways of working. When they don’t have the time or space to incubate novel and clever ideas, they may miss out on opportunities to reframe a problem and see new possibilities for potential solutions.


The Secrets Of Leadership Presence For Every Woman Leader

It’s one of the key missing ingredients for women striving to advance. We surveyed 25 rising women leaders and found that 65% identified leadership presence as a skill they are most eager to develop.


Using Mindfulness to Jumpstart Creativity at Work

Mind training can nurture key areas within the creative process. The burgeoning research suggests that people who practice mindfulness have more cognitive flexibility

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