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We are a collection of highly regarded consultants who love helping people and businesses thrive in today's fast-paced global environment.

Over the course of the past several years,  I have been privileged to collaborate with fellow consultants who are considered the best in the business.  Each with our unique specialty, we bring an expertise that sets us apart. As we join forces, we offer our clients a full range of high-quality service.


We look forward to being your trusted partner as you navigate the years ahead.



Ellen Keithline Byrne, Ph.D

    Founder and Managing Partner



Ellen has over 18 years of experience guiding people in personal and professional transformation. She is dedicated to developing mindful, courageous and vital people to thrive within this unprecedented turbulent marketplace and world.


Ellen has worked on both an in-house global learning and development team and as an external consultant servicing all size organizations including Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan Chase, MasterCard, Marsh & McLennan, Nationwide, etc., and many large non-profits such as Save the Children.


Ellen is regarded as a skilled coach, team builder and facilitator with an authentic and empowering presence. Her passion and expertise lie with:

  • leadership growth and transition

  • women in leadership

  • executive team cohesion and performance

  • and fostering innovative workplaces


Through assessments and coaching, Ellen inspires leaders to achieve greater awareness of both self and others. Through this process, she provides tools for development, goal setting and facilitates establishing clear pathways to achieving each goal. One technique she often applies is mindfulness training.


Ellen is a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems and Change in the School of Leadership Studies from Fielding Graduate University, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional Coach. Prior to her focus on professional and personal development, she was in sales for Xerox Corporation. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, Steve and they have three children.


Ellen was just awarded a Fellow from the Institute for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University. She will explore and design solutions for the challenges that small to mid-sized organizations have as they struggle to develop their leaders and fill senior leadership positions. 


Ellen is a contributing author at Harvard Business Review, Forbes and 


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