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Here to Help You Lead

Our range of services are customized to fit your organization's needs. 


Our consultants equip leaders with tools and guidance as they traverse this ever-changing organizational landscape. We know that relying solely on technical skills and past ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling can restrict leaders from reaching their full potential.


Through behavioral assessments, mindfulness training and coaching our clients develop:

  • self-knowledge and self-mastery  

  • greater awareness of others

  • mindful attention on an intended goal

  • self-confidence

In a 6-12 month intensive leadership program, we develop high performing leaders through a combination of skill building, individual coaching, and peer coaching. We impact behavior change for rising or experienced leaders. Our custom design fine-tunes the curriculum to match the needs of the organization.  


  • Our Women's Initiative - HNS Accelerate: For Women Leaders on the Rise

  • Our Small to Mid Sized Organization Initiative - We help build your bench.



Full day, half day or lunchtime seminars to build emotional intelligence, mindfulness, resiliency, creativity to spark innovation. Sample topics include:


  • RE-Wire: Learn Secrets of Leadership Presence for Every Woman

  • Unlock Creative Solutions - Top 5 Steps Leaders Can Take to Foster Creativity

  • Resilience Builder: Fortify your Body, Mind or Spirit

  • Emotional Agility

  • Real Transformation: Preparing your Mindset for Change

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